1. Don't cheat!
  2. Play with friends, it's much more fun!
  3. Solve each subject, to get the magic letters.
  4. After you collect all letters from both sides,return to the home page
    and enter your two answers in the url to get the final level!!!

How to play

  1. This is an online riddle game. Change the URL in the address bar of your browser to proceed to the next level.
  2. If you are on .../level1.html and the answer is "welcome" you should change the address to: .../welcome.html
  3. Answers are always in lowercase letters without spaces.
  4. You can find anything you need in Google, Wikipedia, and Tineye(very useful)
  5. Forums for help/hints : Missterry - Nordinho - Gamershood

Now...choose your path!
Hall of Fame